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What Our Clients Say

“Ms. Berkowitz was my attorney for a very difficult case involving a special needs child that was in foster care with me for 10 years. The case was extremely emotional for me. I had never had an attorney represent me before this case. Ms. Berkowitz helped me to get my emotions in check multiple times during the case with her exceptional compassion and kindness toward me. She is the epitome of knowledge in regard to the laws around child welfare and family issues. She has a wonderful manner in that she was able to calm my nerves with her coaching of me to properly testify in court regarding this case. I highly recommend Ms. Berkowitz as an attorney for any and all issues!”



“Brynde is one of a kind. The best family lawyer I met to this day.Her insight, smarts, and intuition will lead you in the right direction.She has guided us legally for many years and we are so thankful to her.Her love for the profession is like no other and she is amazing at it.This is more than a career for Brynde–she practices because she cares!!!”



“My experience with Brynde left me with profound feelings of awe and gratitude.

What could have been a “volatile” divorce proceeding against a “shark” of a lawyer, ended up peaceful and short lived. Brynde uses her incredible intellect, honesty, and an ability to resonate with people, to calmly move things along to a peaceful conclusion.

She has a place in my heart forever.”



“Brynde represented me throughout my divorce, both in Supreme Court and Family Court, and did an amazing job! She was successful in representing me against an Order of Protection and I’m immensely grateful. I cannot recommend Brynde enough, she’s a wonderful attorney!”