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Skilled Guidance For Medical Billing Reimbursement

Whether you are a doctor or a medical provider, unable to effectuate reimbursement for services provided to patients prior to January 2022, contact my office and we will work diligently to secure that you are paid for services you provided to patients prior to January 2022.

I am attorney Brynde Berkowitz, and I have been successfully helping clients navigate the challenges of the health care reimbursement system. I have a long history of recovering the money my clients deserve, whether they are dealing with patients who fail to remit fees they receive from their insurance carriers or renumeration claims being underpaid by insurance carriers.

Expert Guidance Throughout The Process

I will take the time to review the unique details of each case I take to find the course of action that is most likely to uphold your best interests. As I am representing you, I will keep you informed about what I am doing for you and how I expect your case to resolve. You will never be left in the dark about your case or where it is going.

Do Not Leave Money On The Table

When patients or insurance carriers owe you money for services you provided prior to January 2022, let me do everything in my power to earn it for you. Contact my office in East Meadow by reaching out to me here or calling 516-461-3088. Now is the best time to reach out to me if you believe you have a case or have questions, so contact me today.