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Compassionate Divorce Representation For Parents And Children

One of the hardest aspects of a divorce is ensuring you are not only looking after your best interests but safeguarding the best interests of your children. When you are looking for a family law attorney to represent the interests of your whole family, you want to be sure the attorney you choose to represent you is as dedicated to your needs as you are. My name is Brynde Berkowitz, and I want to be that attorney.

At the Law Office of Brynde Berkowitz, PC, I have over 15 years of experience representing clients throughout New York for their family law needs. I know how serious the outcome of child support and custody matters is, and I want to be the law firm that helps your children secure the time they deserve with you and the resources they need to grow up with everything they need.

Whether you are trying to pursue residential custody, sole legal, or joint custody of your children, modify an agreement to accommodate changes in life or fight to preserve your agreement as it is, the goal of protecting your children remains the same. I know how quickly litigation or negotiation in these matters may become heated, and I am here to act on your behalf throughout mediation, negotiation or litigation in order to prevail.

Child Support Resolution

Too many divorces involve a parent weaponizing child support and other financial matters as a way to manipulate divorce outcomes. I never want to see a child miss out on the resources they need or for a parent to pay beyond what is reasonable in a divorce. Every case requires an assessment of the needs of a particular family with the goal of expeditious resolution so that the family can function optimally.

I Am Here For Your Family

Contact my East Meadow office today. Call me at 516-461-3088 or email me here to schedule your initial consultation today. The sooner you reach out to me, the sooner I will begin developing a strategy that meets your unique needs, so act now.